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Small towns, villages and farms in a beautiful setting, with a wealth of natural and cultural heritage. From lowlands to uplands, from ancient monuments to contemporary art.

Seljord has a busy, welldeveloped commercial centre catering for most sectors of business.

There is always something going on at the showground, Dyrskuplassen, which plays host to music festivals, markets, gatherings and camps throughout the year.

Seljordsvatnet lake contains more than meets the eye. Young and old alike believe it is home to a serpent, and not just according to the newspapers.

It is unusual in Norway for houses and farmsteads to form a single village, so what is locally known as “bygdi” (“the village”) in Flatdal is one of the very few genuine Norwegian villages. Depending on how you count, 10–12 farms form a dense cluster of houses, while the land belonging to the farms is laid out in strips on a 300-hectare plain between the village and Flatsjø lake. This kind of settlement pattern is found in only a few other places in Norway, and the reason for it here is that floods often cover the entire plain.

In the village, Myklestoga is a museum with a unique collection of old furniture and artefacts.

From Kongehella on Hwy E134, enjoy a fine view over Flatdal.

The old hay meadows of Svartdal, with their diversity of plant life, are an especially valuable natural habitat. The flora of these meadows includes some of Norway’s most distinctive specimens of the elderflowered orchid, Dactylorhiza sambucina, which is the floral emblem of Telemark county. The agricultural landscape of Svartdal combines a wealth of natural and cultural heritage, which is why it was nominated along with Hjartdal for Unesco’s cultural landscape prize in 2003.

Seljord tourist information centre Møtestad Seljord AS Granvin kulturhus, 3840 Seljord, Norway Tel: +47 35 06 59 88