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Notodden – the town with an enterprising spark Notodden is centrally located in Telemark, surrounded by excellent outdoor amenities.

The town is on the shores of Heddalsvannet lake, part of the Telemark Canal system.

Notodden was incorporated as a town in 1913, and its origins are those of a typical industrial town. Norsk Hydro was founded here, providing a basis for rapid urban expansion.

Attractions Notodden is home to a number of museums and galleries, including Telemarksgalleriet, which hosts a variety of exhibitions. The town is the birthplace of Norsk Hydro. In a museum called Bedriftshistorisk samling, you can see exhibits from the company’s early days.

Notodden Kirkepark (churchyard) is one of the town’s treasures. Here you can see plants and landscape gardening with Renaissance and Baroque influences. Keep an eye open for a sculpture by Anne Grimdalen and several memorial plaques.

Heddal Stave Church, with its three towers and 64 roof panels, is the largest medieval stave church in Norway. It is thought that the church, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built in the 1250s during the prosperous reign of Håkon Håkonson. In high, open country close to the stave church, Heddal bygdetun is a folk museum featuring 16 buildings dating from the Middle Ages through to 1930. The most significant of these is the Rambergstugo cottage, with its rose-painted decoration by the folk artist Olav Hansson dating from 1784. The other end of the wealth spectrum is reconstructed at Hola, a 19th-century cottar’s farm.

Anne Bamle (1884–1972) recreated the local women’s folk costume, whose popularity has spread to many parts of Norway. This is the subject of an exhibition in Rambergstugo.

Fyrileivstugo (built 1930) was the last cottage to be moved to the museum (in 1989) and is richly decorated with rose painting and woodcarving by local artist Olav Fyrileiv. The latest addition to Heddal bygdetun is a piece of local transport history from more recent times. The roadman’s hut from Reskjemheia, between Heddal and Bø, now stands beside the old highway through Heddal.

For more information, contact Notodden tourist information centre Tel: +47 35 01 50 00 Heddal Bygdetun: Tel: +47 35 02 08 40 or 416 22 664 Rentals: +47 905 16 479