Drammen kommune
Versatile Drammen Drammen is a beautiful town, with great countryside on both sides of the “high street” through the town: the Drammenselva river, one of the few high streets anywhere in the world in which you can catch salmon. In Drammen you can choose between the pulsating life of the town and quiet walks along the lovely river. You are also only five minutes away from unique countryside for walking and skiing, which you can reach in many ways, one of which is through the world-famous Spiral tunnel. Art, culture, mansions and museums combine to offer you a whole range of exciting experiences.

Along the river there are idyllic paths that are very popular. The river park at Åssiden is a good destination for Sunday walks.

There are lots of pleasant places to sit here, and you might feel tempted to test the temperature of the water. At Brakerøya, a several kilometre long fjord park has been created. The clean, fresh water of the Drammenselva river means that bathing is as popular as it has always been. And if you love fishing, it is worth mentioning that Drammenselva is one of the best salmon rivers in the country, and you can also catch sea trout and lots of other varieties of fish there if you’re not having any luck with the salmon.

You may have heard of Spiralen, the rock tunnel that winds up the Bragernesåsen hill in six loops. The tunnel is 1650 metres long, and when you get to the top you have a fantastic panoramic view of Drammen itself, the fjord and the surrounding area. There at the top of Spiralen, you have Drammen Museum’s open air section with its 22 old buildings, and parking for 200 cars. You will also find a cafeteria, a kiosk, toilets and seats dotted about the area.

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