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Beautiful Eiker The Haukeli road continues along the Drammenselva river, and you can admire the beautiful farms with their fields and pastures, surrounded by forests and high hilltops. This is where the poet Herman Wildenvey grew up; his childhood home, Portåsen, is in Mjøndalen.

As this is a centrally located area, there are lots of small communities such as Skotselv, Darbu, Vestfossen and the town of Hokksund.

The Eiker communities have a rich heritage that includes burial mounds, archaeological finds, hill forts and the old church at Fiskum.

Nøstetangen Museum and Glassworks are located in the former magistrate’s residence in Hokksund. Fossheim Herregård (country estate) in Vestfossen is nowadays the most popular tourist attraction. Also in the cultural centre of Vestfossen, you will find the Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium art gallery, and Shoddyhuset with its many exciting artists. Gulden Kunstverk at Steinberg probably has the largest and finest collection of Norwegian contemporary art in Buskerud county.

For those of you who enjoy active holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to swim, hire boats, go sailing or visit farms with all kinds of animals. You will find foot and cycle paths in beautiful surroundings, and you can fish in over 100 forest lakes. However, many people’s favourite activity is salmon fishing in the Drammenselva river, where roughly 10 tons of salmon are caught every year.

Alternatively you can join a guided river safari on M/S Drammen to Hokksund, or take a cruise through one of Norway’s most beautiful agricultural landscapes on M/S Eikern.

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