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From fjord to glacier in Kvinnherad Kvinnherad district is situated at the mouth of the Hardangerfjord, which, at 180 km, is the second longest fjord in Norway and is often called “The Queen of the Norwegian Fjords”.

Between the fjord and the mountains you will encounter cultural attractions such as the Barony of Rosendal and the monastery of Halsnøy Kloster, summer shows, museums and modern shopping centres. Hike in the mountains, marvel at spectacular waterfalls, or try a glacier walk in the Folgefonna National Park.

The archipelago is excellent for fjord fishing, swimming, and cabin or boat holidays. There are guest moorings throughout the district.

The shortest route between Bergen/Oslo and the Grenland region is now via the Folgefonn tunnel. In January 2008, a tunnel linking the island of Halsnøy with the rest of Kvinnherad will open. Kvinnherad is the fifth largest municipality in the county of Hordaland, covering 1,137 km2 and with a population of over 13,000.

The Rosendal and Mauranger areas are famous for some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Hardanger: narrow fjords, dramatic waterfalls and, last but not least, Folgefonna – Norway’s third largest glacier. In May 2005, Folgefonna National Park was established, and the Folgefonna National Park Centre at Rosendal opened. Exhibitions and audiovisual presentations portray the unique landscape between fjord and glacier, providing an insight into local geology, flora and fauna, and inspiration for walks and outdoor activities.

Rosendal’s latest attraction is Steinparken, where you can see examples of different rock types from throughout the national park as you follow the paths. At the entrance to Steinparken is Vongssaga, a restored sawmill.

The Barony of Rosendal – the only place of its kind in Norway – is the district’s principal tourist attraction. The Barony has a museum focused on an important period in Norwegian history: the 400-year-long union with Denmark.Rosendal is also home to the municipal administration and several government bodies.

Kvinnherad tourist information centre Tel: (+47) 53 48 42 80 Website: www.kvinnherad.kommune.no E-mail: turistinfo@kvinnherad.kommune.no