Bø-Sauherad-Nome kom
Bø – a regional centre in the heart of Telemark Bø is famous for relaxing holidays, great experiences, fresh air and lots of activity. Try mountain hiking on Lifjell, strolling along the banks of the Bøelva river, fresh stonebaked bread at Bø Museum, surfing at Bø Sommarland – or open-air movies and shopping downtown.

Bø Sommarland is Telemark’s biggest tourist attraction, and many other activities in Bø district are also perfect for families with children. Firmly rooted in the fine old traditions of Telemark, the district is actively investing in creating a modern arts scene and a good environment in which to grow up.

Bø is a transport hub, with a railway station on the Sørland line (Oslo–Stavanger) and frequent express bus services to and from Oslo, eastern Norway and western Norway.

Municipality of Bø – Tel: (+47) 35 06 04 00 www.bo.kommune.no Sauherad – Telemark’s fruit district Sauherad differs from other districts of Telemark in that the local government has developed five small communities rather than one large centre for the district. Gvarv, Hørte, Akkerhaugen, Nordagutu and Hjuksebø are beauti-fully situated in lovely open countryside with lakes, swimming spots and boating facilities. Agriculture and forestry are the main industries in Sauherad, which is a major centre for fruit and berry farming.

In May, the district is transformed into a blossoming orchard. Lake Norsjø provides a pleasant climate, and there is plenty of boat traffic, with services from Akkerhaugen toNotodden, Skien, Ulefoss and Dalen.

Sauherad district has a proud cultural heritage and keeps alive the old traditions in folk music, art and crafts.

Municipality of Sauherad – Tel: (+47) 35 95 70 00 www.sauherad.kommune.no Nome – the canal district Nome has two main communities: Lunde and Ulefoss. Its main claim to fame among visitors is that the best section of the Telemark Canal runs through the district.

There are six canal locks in Nome district, including Vrangfoss with its six chambers.

National Cycle Route 2 follows the canal through Nome. Bikes are available to rent at Telemark Kanalcamping, near Lunde lock, which also rents out canoes and has a farmstead with horses. Visitors to Nome can enjoy hiking, fishing and swimming, or a round of golf at Norsjø golf course. The district has a long industrial heritage, most notably the Ulefos Jernværk ironworks. The tourist information centre at Ulefoss includes exhibits on the ironworks and the canal. The ironworkers’ cottages have been transformed into a lively centre for arts and crafts. The nearby manor house, Ulefos Hovedgaard (1807), is regarded as the architectural masterpiece of the Napoleonic era in Norway.

Municipality of Nome – Tel: (+47) 35 94 62 00 www.nome.kommune.no Bø, Nome and Sauherad tourist information centre (open all year) Tel: (+47) 35 06 02 00 Nome tourist information centre (summer only) Tel: (+47) 35 94 35 08