SørNorge rundt
Travelling across southern part of Norway through the Haukeli Pass provides a beautiful journey with a magnitude of scenic experiences. Southern part of Norway has a diversity of landscapes; Sea swept rocky shores and sheltering sand dune beaches along the coast merges with open farmlands, vast forests and narrow valleys.

Towards the West Coast to the Hardangerand Bokna Fjords one faces steep mountains with snow covered peaks that plunge into bottomless lakes and fjords. It’s all beautiful picturesque.

In addition you will encounter vibrant cities and rural villages with a diversity of cultural and activity offers tailor-made for you.

Regardless if you arrive with ferry from East, South or West Coast, the Haukeli Road (E134) constitute the most important road network. Along the Haukeli Road there are roads connecting in all directions, roads named after heritage and cultural belonging. The Telemark Road includes Kristiansand to Morgedal in Telemark.

This road is the gateway to Telemark for holidaymakers arriving from Denmark, Sweden and UK. The Setesdal Road is also starting off from Kristiansand and continues up towards Haukeli.
The Suleskar Road constitutes the road from Stavanger to Hovden in Setesdal, and towards Dalen – Høydalsmo in Telemark. At this point you enter the Miller Boy Road which turn off the Haukeli Road at Nutheim and then connect to Haukeli. This road is named after a famous folklore musician.

The Ryfylke Road is characterised as “wild and beautiful”, and along this road you will be encountering many attractions. The Folgefonn Tunnel makes it easier to travel from Hardanger towards Kvinherad and the magnitude numbers of islands between Bergen and Haugesund. Between the South Coast city Kristiansand and the West Coast city Haugesund you can enter the North Sea Road which has many scenic qualities along with attractions. At last among the diversity of roads mentioned here, the Telemark Canal, a water way with boat traffic between Skien and Dalen in Telemark, so to speak from fjord to mountain.

In Magasinet Haukelivegen you will be guided to the many experiences to be discovered alongside the Haukeli Road.