Tysvær kommune
Tysvær Municipality lies at the heart of Hauga-landet, a district in the south-west of Norway, and borders the municipalities of Haugesund, Karmøy, Bokn, Sveio and Vindafjord. Its administrative centre Aksdal is just 13 km south-east of Haugesund. Aksdal is an important communications hub, as it is where the E134, which is the all-year road to Oslo via Haukeli, meets the E 39, the main coastal road between Stavanger and Bergen.

Tysvær is famous for its beautiful and varied scenery, including the many fjords that cut into its 220 km long coastline. Aksdal, which is the subject of major development plans, including a new regional shopping centre, crafts centre and attractive residential areas, is around 15 minutes’ drive from Haugesund. Tysvær is a growing community, with a very young population, and has a good selection of schools and nursery schools spread out across the municipality.

Residents and tourists alike can enjoy an active lifestyle in Tysvær. The numerous campsites by the fjords make perfect bases for fishing and boating holidays. The swimming pool at the Tysværtunet community centre in Aksdal is kept at a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, no matter what the weather outside. At the com-munity centre you can also visit the “Journey to America” exhibition, the fine rock collec-tion and the library. Arquebus Krigshistorisk Museum in Førresfjorden is one of Europe’s most interesting Second World War museums. Nedstrand Bygdemuseum is a local history museum with several locations in picturesque Nedstrand. On your way there, you’ll drive past Skjoldastraumen, the only saltwater lock in Norway still in operation. Next to the lock is a statue (unveiled 20 June 2009) of Petter Strømsing, a Romany musician believed to be the inspiration for the folksong “Per Spelemann.” The poor soil out by the sea was one of the reasons that the great Norwegian emigration started from Tysvær, with Cleng Peerson setting out for America to find new land. The dramatic landscape also inspired and captivated one of our greatest painters, Lars Hertervig. He was born on Borgøy, the only island in Tysvær with a permanent settlement.

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