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Tokke and its fairytale hotel Tokke district has an amazing number of visitor attractions. Approaching on Hwy E134, you turn off at Høydalsmo. You next reach Eidsborg, with its stave church and the Vest-Telemark Museum. Also in Eidsborg, you can see the remains of a large whetstone quarry. Large quantities of whetstone were transported from here to Skien, from where they were exported to continental Europe.

Whetstone was used not only for sharpening, but also as a missile in battle, for instance by the Vikings at Fimreite.

After negotiating a series of hairpin bends, you reach Bandak lake, where the fairytale Dalen Hotel stands at the upper end of the Telemark Canal. Dalen is a natural place to stop off, either for a short break or a longer visit. Places to visit include the Åmdals Verk mining museum and Grimdalstunet, birthplace of the sculptor Anne Grimdalen.

Many of her works are on show in a specially built sculpture gallery on the farmstead.

Dalen Hotel, one of the best-preserved wooden hotels in Norway, opened in 1894 and was restored in 1994.

Fantastic countryside Tokke district has an abundance of fantastic countryside, with ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits. At Dalen you can hire a bike and cycle down to Bandaksli pier, where you can board the canal boat Victoria or Henrik Ibsen to save yourself the return cycle ride. From the marina at Dalen or Lårdal, you can take a trip on one of the old canal boats – or your own boat for that matter – and travel the length of the Telemark Canal, from the foothills of Hardangervidda to the sea. The Ravnejuvet gorge is a spectacular natural phenomenon, plunging 350 metres down to the Tokkeåi river. It is said that if you throw a banknote into the gorge, the currents of air will carry it back up. If you fancy a spot of fishing, large trout can be caught in Bandak lake, right by Dalen pier. Elsewhere in the district, too, you will find well-stocked lakes and rivers.

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